(third generation) yiqi Beauty Whitening cream face Cream anti freckle skin care facial cream UPDATE NEW PACKAGE

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943 in stock



943 in stock

there is fake yiqi in the market

our is 100% original

red cap yiqi Beauty Whitening cream for face 2+1 Effective In 7 Days skin care face cream anti freckle 100% original (not fake)

US$ 288.00/lot
sets / lot

yiqi cream 2+1 Effective In 7 Days face Cream sample whitening cream for face skin care anti freckle

US$ 288.00/lot
sets / lot

red cap yiqi Beauty Whitening cream for face 2+1 Effective In 7 Days skin care face cream anti freckle 100% original (not fake)

US$ 35.88/set

wholesale YiQi Whitening Cream (A cream) 15g removing wrinkle /moisturizing Second generation day cream 12pcs/lot

US$ 128.00/lot
pieces / lot

wholesale YiQi Whitening Cream (C cream) 15g removing wrinkle /moisturizing Second generation night cream 12pcs/lot

US$ 128.00/lot
pieces / lot

Hot! Yi Qi Beauty Whitening set 2+1 effective in 7 days whitening day cream+night cream High Bottle

US$ 35.88/set

YiQi Whitening Cream (C cream) 15g removing wrinkle /moisturizing Second generation night cream

US$ 24.00/lot
pieces / lot

YiQi Whitening Cream (A cream) 15g removing wrinkle /moisturizing Second generation day cream

US$ 24.00/lot
pieces / lot

YiQi Beauty Whitening cream 2+1 Effective In 7 (third generation)

1.A Cream(day cream)
2.B Cream(pearl cream)
3.C cream(night cream)+Cleanser+free sample

Cream A, B:
This product contains natural whitening elements of the various pure herbal extract plant nutrients, with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory enzymes, vitamins deployment is made with double whitening factor, the direct decomposition has been formed to remove dark spots, a variety of grouper and infected by bacteria from the acne and can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, the treatment of acne and decomposition potential melanoma, acne, scars, and can shrink pores, make skin bright white Xi.
Yiqi-cream A, B combo to UV components, can guarantee the sun’s UV rays damage the skin are not afraid.
Usage: After cleansing, the first with A, then B.
A: glycerol monostearate, Arnica, Vitamin E, Arbutin, lanolin
B: aloe, hawthorn, natural pearl powder, pollen filter factor
Content: A, B are 15g
Night cream C:
This product is a natural liquid herbal extracts with vitamins A, D, E, moisturizing factor, active regeneration factor, with good depth activated fiber body, the cell membrane for the transport and excretion of melanin ability to quickly resolve to enhance and improve the skin and inhibit the dark spots, freckles, Hu Dieban, acne, acne, anti-inflammatory whitening, revitalize skin, rosy.
Usage: After cleansing with Cream C
Ingredients: Atractylodes, Poria, Polygonatum, Ophiopogon japonicus, Hui Yan, chamomile, fritillary, angelica, ginseng, Baiji, witch hazel, sage and other herbal extracts from two dozen.
Content: 15g
Note: Some people will appear with some sense of tension, which is the blood of plaque, the decomposition reaction of melanin, is a normal behavior, ease of use. Such as skin allergy caution.
Effect: natural whitening factor rapidly penetrate the skin, soft and gentle texture, detail, face makeup and a net unloading dirt, can effectively block the melanin exception occurs, and prevent abnormal melanin hyperpigmentation, while strengthening the skin function, promote metabolism, so that red-white skin to prevent dark spots regeneration, can effectively eliminate and fade dark spots, sunburn, inhibition of melanin accumulation and decomposition.
Ingredients: contains a variety of natural plant extracts, Whitening active factor.
Use: Take proper amount into the palm, add water to lather rub evenly applied to the face and full massage, then rinse with water
Net Content: 100ML
**** Note *****
Free small samples with gifts from time to time with the seasons change, the specific gift items were donated to prevail, there may be different with the picture, Thank you for understanding.


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